Senin, 06 Februari 2017

After New Year's Euphoria

Hi there, this is my first post on 2017!

Some unexpected things happened.

I was hospitalized for few days because of typhus.
It was so sudden. At that day I was dancing to BIGBANG and BLACKPINK in the morning and collapsed in the afternoon. Astaghfirullah.

I couldn't move, felt so dizzy ( even I hit the wall on my way to the bathroom) I never felt that dizzy all my life.  I am grateful I am not living alone. My friend helped me a lot.

At that night my body's temperature was so high. I dreamt terrible things, reminds me of Robert Langdon's dream on Inferno, there's a lot of sounds in my dream, there were many people scratch the land, searching for gold. Weird.

Ibu came the day after and stay with me for few days. Fortunately, it was an academic off period. FYI, our family don't rely that much on chemical medicine. We  believe on kefir, jamu-jamu an, prebiotic, etc. Doctor and medicine are the last choice if the traditional one doesn't work. So Ibu gave me jamu-jamuan etc, etc, and alhamdulillah my body's temperature wasn't as hot as the day before. But I still felt dizzy. After three days, Ibu decided to take me to the doctor for blood check. Then the result came out, I was positive typhus and my trombosis level was low. Hospital is the only choice. They put infusion on me, and took blood sample every day. I  surprised myself when I looked to the mirror. My lip was chapped, my skin was pale. I looked like a zombie.

Despite all awfulness, I am very grateful Allah gave me this experience. I spent more time with Ibu. We talked about small things, the hospital, the taste of the porridge, the price of banana, not about my thesis (something we usually talk about lately). I felt frustrated when I was thinking about my thesis. I did'nt bring my laptop, if I did I couldn't work on it thou. I only brought my father's book, read them for 15 minutes, then I sleep, I read it again, sleep-eat-pee-read. I was very bored. But there is a moment when Ibu was looking food, I laid on the bed alone. Couldn't do anything, then I started to think about the future, then about the death.

Now I still have my mom on my side. But there will be no one in my grave.

After the euphoria of the new year, Allah gave me time to think about many things. I am grateful for that.

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