Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

Rawa'i Sirah : It's Brief and Beautiful!

 Rawa'i Sirah
Author : Dr Aidh Al Qarni
Lately,  I found my father's books are interesting. From other Sirah Nabawiyah I knew, it has fewer page, not too thick. Rawa'i means something beautiful or amazing. Like its tittle, this book told about amazing and beautiful things from Prophet Muhammad SAW's life. It not only contains about story of Prophet's life, but also the explanation behind what happened at that time. I like how the author briefly explained about Prophet's life, the event, and the hikmah behind it. Some event can be explained, and some other, just Allah's. Not only about the journey, the book  also explained many 'Whys' that often come to our (my) mind. For example, the hikmah of why Prophet was illiterate. So there is no doubt that Quran was'nt written by Muhammad SAW. It's  directly from Allah. How possibly he could memorize all of the ayats if it's not because Allah's almighty?

Like other Sirah,the book told about Prophet' life in a timeline. The journey, the happy or inconvenient one, make me feel like -I hold a magnifying glass to zoom in to Prophet's life, how he overcame every part of his life make me think 'O Allah, my current life is nothing depends on what happened that day'. In  every end of chapter the author would tell us the explanation of the event.    Some times the author collerate the explanation to nowadays era. I think it reminds us that Islam is universal and relevant endlessly.  From Muhammad's life that told in this book, we can learn about many things. He is a human, but the author also reminded us that he is not an ordinary one. Thou it not kinda a long  describe, author  decribed it in a beautiful, lively way. I felt a mixed feeling while reading this book. It feels real for me, maybe because not only describe but the author also attach many hadists,  conversations or some acts.   And in the end of the book, I felt that heartbreaking feeling because of Muhammad SAW's death as told in this book.

 It's brief and beautiful.

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  1. Book that makes us learn about the history Islam and prophet Muhammad again :)

    1. True, a very inspiring reminder. Btw, thanks for dropping by!