Sabtu, 01 Juli 2017

Eid Mubarak!

Ramadan is over :(

and syawal is coming!

what's good about syawal:
a lot of food!
I made lot of cookies, (a lot of experiment too)
Everyone gather, walk around and visit each other home
I like meet people and greet them actually, especially who's missed for long time


sometimes it's kinda tiring after 3-4 hours with many people in the house :))
a lot of dishes haha
me and my sister fight about  homework :)))
people ask about 'what do you want to do after graduation?' thing, I just don't want to detail anything. Just 'wish me luck' kinda answer, but some of them not satisfied *sigh* who's actually live my life?

I feel little bit difference this Ied. Usually, I like to scroll socmed timeline when I am bored with all of this, or feel discomfort during Ied because of many people or homework.  But this time, I didn't run away from reality, to find a little spark of joy in social media like I used to. It feels like I face new reality.  I more into feel all discomfort. Social media is not my temporary source of joy anymore. But hey, it doesn't mean I stop socmed-thing :)) . I just like to experience this difference for now.

Please enjoy your syawal, your homework too, and don't spill the syawal fasting


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